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3 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

June 1st, 2014

Engagement represents the emotional and intellectual commitment of an individual to build and sustain strong business performance.  It’s about the desire to produce results.  Employees with an above-average attitude toward their work will generate higher customer satisfaction, higher productivity, and higher profits for their organizations.  It is estimated that 90% of a company’s productivity comes from the highly engaged.  Having an engaged workforce has significant impact on the bottom line.

So how can we improve engagement?

  1. Engagement has to be a leadership-driven initiative.  No one affects an employee’s engagement as much as his or her immediate leader.  Managers need to be capable of providing constructive feedback to support and encourage development; providing stimulating and challenging assignments; and effectively communicating changing responsibilities and expectations to their direct reports.
  2. Engagement is all about fit. Research has repeatedly shown that when job fit is high, an employee performs better and is more likely to stay with the organization. However, not all roles are created equally.  It is important to identify the roles that have the most significant impact on achieving business strategy and make sure your best performers are in those roles.
  3. Systems need to support and foster engagement.  Recruitment, development, performance management, rewards and recognition, and other systems must be critically reviewed to ensure they promote the desired outcomes.

Building and maintaining an engaged workforce is a long-term, ongoing initiative that requires a coordinated and consistent effort from leaders, organizational systems, and individuals.  It must be aligned and linked with the most important drivers of organizational success or it will be viewed as the latest “fad du jour” that will quickly fade into the sunset.