Accelerate Business Performance with a Winning People Strategy

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HRCI Category: Business  |  Credits: 15  |  $120

You will receive 15 HRCI business recertification credits AND 15 SHRM PDC’s

It can take months, or years, to get the right people in the right jobs. Workforce demands and composition are shifting in response to economic, social and demographic trends. These trends have created workplace dynamics that make it more challenging to identify, access, and manage talent.

People strategy is as important as any other part of an organization’s overall strategy, regardless of business conditions.   You can’t change global workforce trends or today’s economic reality, but you can respond to those trends and position your company to gear up for growth.

A people strategy defines who you are, what values you hold important, who you need in your organization, and how you will manage those that don’t fit.  It’s your strategic blueprint that provides a line of sight into the talent choices available today that impact your organization’s ability to deliver on it’s objectives — today as well as in the future.

By making talent planning part of your strategic planning process, you will better understand your organization’s current state, forecast talent gaps, and close the gap between what people capabilities the organization currently has and what it will need to meet tomorrow’s business challenges.

This course will give you the tools and techniques you need to lead your organization in developing a talent strategy that will accelerate business performance.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Diagnose the impact talent trends will have on your organization
  • Gain understanding on how your organization wishes to compete in the marketplace, giving you greater insight into the skills required of your talent pools
  • Build an organizational depth profile to get a clear picture of the current state of talent in your organization
  • Create a people strategy
  • Develop measures to determine the success of your strategy

You’ll Receive these Valuable Tools

  • Strategic Styles Matrix
  • Position Differentiation Grid
  • Checklist for Identifying Pivotal Roles
  • Talent Differentiation Grid
  • Talent Planning Roadmap
You will have access to this bundle for 4 months.


This bundle contains the following courses:

Build a Better Business Strategy

Building a High Performance Organization

Building Your Talent Strategy

Developing Measures to Determine the Impact of Your Plan

Position Differentiation

Secrets of Successful Talent Strategies

Strategic Capabilities & Competitive Position

Strategic Style

Strategy Maps: Plotting a Course to Success

Talent Differentiation

Ten Talent Trends that Impact our Future

Understanding Organizational Depth

Workforce Differentiation

What your colleagues are saying:

“For the metrics portion, I found it useful to look at the types of information that may be useful to present. I liked the section on benchmarking and how to avoid it because of the apples-to-oranges issue. Made good sense to me. Also, the comparison of benchmarking to strategic metrics was great. The simple explanations of what metrics are was helpful. Most of us know them on a basic level but don’t use them correctly or enough. This illustrated how to use them to show that HR is not just a cost that the organization has to carry, but that it can be repositioned as a partner that helps the company meet its goals.”

— Susan, HR Officer

“What I found most useful is that these courses provide tools that can really be used, not just theories.”

— Eric, Talent Acquisition Manager