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Coming to Rochester August 2nd: Driving Strategy Execution Through Effective Goal Setting

July 11th, 2012

Employee alignment is a critical factor in driving strategy execution. Goal setting is the most common tool used in organizations today to align employees to corporate goals. If individual goals are properly constructed to cascade down from the business plan into the individual responsibilities and measures required to achieve the corporate goals – then the business succeeds. Also, when constructed properly this enables an organization to measure progress toward achievement of corporate goals by assessing % achievement against goals as a leading indicator, and the financials as a lagging indicator.

Effective goal setting is also a critical component to ensuring talent retention and development. High performers are most driven when working in intellectually stimulating settings where they are forced to think critically, creatively, and in a strategically impactful way. While most organizations focus on ensuring that all employees have goals in place, and those goals are defined in a specific format (e.g. SMART), the really challenge is in the nature of the goals themselves (ie. The degree of stretch and alignment with desired business outcomes.)

True organizational performance improvement is the result of proper goal setting, and SMART is the most popular framework for writing goals. While many leaders and managers have learned the SMART framework, very few strategic goals actually meet the SMART criteria.

This course will give participants the tools and confidence they need to develop clear, measurable goals aligned to their organization’s goals and objectives; and earn their seat at the strategy table. Before participants leave the session they will have practical tools to use right now to increase the performance of their organization.

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