360 Feedback: Full Circle to Success

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HRCI Category: Business  |  Credits: 3  |  $15

You will receive HRCI recertification credits AND SHRM PDC’s

360 Degree Feedback has been around for a long time now. When implemented poorly, 360 programs create mistrust, anger, conflict and can leave a team with lower morale than when you started the exercise. However, you can significantly increase your odds of using 360 degree feedback to drive organizational improvement. The secret is taking the time to carefully design the process and select the tools that will optimize your results. In this course we will outline the 10 things you need to do well to have a successful 360 feedback program, and give you hints, tips, and tools.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Assess your organizations’ readiness for 360 degree feedback.
  • Follow the process steps involved in implementing a 360 Degree Feedback Program for your organization.
  • Deal with critical implementation considerations, such as assistance with interpreting the feedback and implementing actionable development plans.

You’ll Receive these Valuable Tools

  • 360 Degree feedback readiness checklist
  • 10 Principles for Creating a Great Set of 360 Feedback Questions
  • Guidance for Creating your Own 360 Feedback Tool
  • Checklist for Selecting a 360 Feedback Tool

You will have access to this Course for 30 days.

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— Brandon, Director of HR

“I was impressed by the content and delivery of the material. The subject matter is directly relevant to my objectives for the upcoming year; thus, I felt better equipped to approach talent management and HR metrics for my organization.”

— Maura, Director of HR