Demystifying HR Metrics

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HRCI Category: Business  |  Credits: 2  |  $30

You will receive HRCI recertification credits AND SHRM PDC’s

Metrics are the language of organizational management. If you do not speak the same language as your audience, you cannot influence. Metrics have become a requirement for any human resources department to show its value to the organization, but in order for metrics to be effective they need to be the right metrics and aligned with business objectives. The goals of this course are to demystify metrics, to show you their benefits and what differentiates a good metric from a great one. We will then provide you with some tips for getting started and how to avoid the common criticisms of metrics.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Identify what a good metric is and how to develop metrics that fit your organizational culture and values.
  • Determine how the “traditional” HR metrics don’t help much.
  • Use metrics to answer questions and identify trends

You’ll Receive these Valuable Tools

  • Quick Measurement Primer
  • Sample HR Metrics & Analytics Plan

What your colleagues are saying:

“What I found most useful is that these courses provide tools that can really be used, not just theories.”

— Eric, Talent Acquisition Manager

“These were some of the best e-learning courses I have taken to date. The presentation of the material and examples used were very detailed and helped with understanding the concepts. I can’t wait to use these back at work.”

— Brandon, Director of HR