Onboarding: Power-Up Productivity and Engagement

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HRCI Category: HR/General  |  Credits: 3  |  $40

You will receive HRCI recertification credits AND SHRM PDC’s

What is new employee onboarding and how does it differ from orientation? How can investment of time and money into such a program improve your organization? A successful employee onboarding process can reduce new hire turnover and significantly increase productivity. This course introduces the concept of employee onboarding and demonstrates that it’s a wise investment if properly executed. We will discuss the key elements of an effective onboarding process, and explain how onboarding is different from traditional orientation. Rather than being an event, onboarding becomes an ongoing process that can last up to a year. During this time, employees have a greater chance of becoming assimilated into the organization, and will become more productive in a quicker period of time than with orientation alone.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between employee orientation and onboarding.
  • Identify the key areas of focus for an onboarding program that facilitates productivity and engagement.
  • Identify the unique needs of leaders in onboarding and use a framework for designing an effective program.

You’ll Receive these Valuable Tools

  • 60-Day New Employee Survey
  • New Team Member Checklist
  • Talking Points on Debriefing Meetings
  • New Manager Assimilation Exercise

What your colleagues are saying:

“The tools and techniques are relevant to today’s business climate. The presentation of the material and the examples used were very detailed and helped with understanding the concepts. These are tools we can really use, not just theories!”

— Carol, Manager, Compensation & Benefits

“For the metrics portion, I found it useful to look at the types of information that may be useful to present. I liked the section on benchmarking and how to avoid it because of the apples-to-oranges issue. Made good sense to me. Also, the comparison of benchmarking to strategic metrics was great. The simple explanations of what metrics are was helpful. Most of us know them on a basic level but don’t use them correctly or enough. This illustrated how to use them to show that HR is not just a cost that the organization has to carry, but that it can be repositioned as a partner that helps the company meet its goals.”

— Susan, HR Officer