Strategy Maps: Plotting a Course to Success

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HRCI Category: Business  |  Credits: 1  |  $10

You will receive HRCI recertification credits AND SHRM PDC’s

A strategy map is a one-page visual representation of the company’s strategy. It articulates how the company intends to create value for customer and stakeholders over the long-term and the internal process, talent, and teamwork necessary to achieve strategic objectives. A strategy map is valuable because it ensures alignment of leadership around a single interpretation of strategy, enables communication of strategy to employees, and identifies the leading indicators of strategic success. In this course we will discuss the value of a strategy map, how it fits into business planning, and the essential elements that comprise a strategy map.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Describe what a strategy map is and how It can serve as an internal communication and change management vehicle
  • Understand the essential elements that comprise a strategy map
  • Identify how strategic style impacts the development of the strategy map

You will have access to this Course for 30 days.

What your colleagues are saying:

“I personally liked the interaction. I learn better from some hands-on participation than from just hearing someone talk and then taking a test. Overall, I found the information useful and relevant. I will be using the references to further see how I can incorporate this into my HR world.”

— Susan, HR Officer

“The tools and techniques are relevant to today’s business climate. The presentation of the material and the examples used were very detailed and helped with understanding the concepts. These are tools we can really use, not just theories!”

— Carol, Manager, Compensation & Benefits