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Employee Assessment is an Important Component of Selection

July 29th, 2012

Assessing people for jobs is the most important task of any organization. Unfortunately, there is a perception that behavior is not well understood and cannot predict performance. People who hold this opinion most often have been the victim of an invalid instrument.

Personality Assessments have been available for about 60 years. Many of the “popular” assessments in use today were not designed to predict job performance. The DISC and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are two popular assessments often used for selection that were not designed to predict job performance. How would you effectively use an assessment for job selection that has no ability to predict job performance?

An effective job eligibility/suitability assessment can obtain a high level of predictive accuracy for job performance. This gives interviewers a new set of tools to transform the interview into a genuine discussion about the person’s real fit for the job as well as their likely level of job satisfaction. Combining this information with good behavioral interviewing skills can vastly improve your hiring process. When choosing assessments always maintain your focus on what matters most: Does the assessment predict the employee behaviors and job outcomes that are critical to your organization? Be wary of assessment vendors that don’t spend any time identifying the specific employee behaviors and job outcomes you want to predict.

Good assessment reduces training costs, minimizes losses due to poor decisions, and can even provide a foundation for better teamwork. Assessment is part of the essential foundation for effective talent acquisition and management.

To be effective, selection assessment tools must meet three key conditions:

  • They must be chosen on the basis of a clear definition of performance for the job in question.
  • They must effectively measure the key candidate characteristics that influence job performance.
  • They must be deployed in a standardized, consistent fashion that ensures that all candidates are assessed in the same way.

A well developed assessment instrument offers the following advantages:

  • Assessments accurately predict performance
  • Assessments are resistant to applicant faking
  • Assessments are worth the cost
  • Assessments are legal
  • Assessments are fair
  • Assessments are efficient

Organizations spend significant dollars on recruitment and training each year, and a modest investment in assessments can significantly leverage those resources.