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Engagement & Retention Analysis

August 3rd, 2014

I am excited to announce an extremely powerful new capability developed by Harrison Assessments.  On August 7th, they will be releasing the “Engagement & Retention Analysis” solution.

Rather than only gathering satisfaction and engagement data via surveys, the new Engagement & Retention Analytics reports gather the key intrinsic behavioral drivers for performance and engagement. These are reported in 8 specific categories and have detailed analysis for the individual and/or group. A group could be a department, a physical location (plant or facility), division, or the entire company. This capability can be used in conjunction with traditional engagement surveys or as a stand-alone to provide leading indicator analytics for making strategic decisions. With engagement analytics, organizations can finally achieve the elusive culture of engagement in which associates share the responsibility for the outcomes. Engagement analytics refocus action plans on proactive strategies that advance their value to the organization and for associates. This innovative solution creates a win-win for organizations and employees to drive enhanced engagement, increased retention, mission achievement, improved performance, and increased profitability and growth.