Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions

Harrison Assessments leads the field in assessment theory, methodology and technology and is 80+% accurate in predicting job performance. With one efficient questionnaire, Harrison Assessments offers three solution sets that drive employee selection, development, engagement and retention—all of which are supported by decision analytics to impact business results.

With HATS, not only will you hire smarter, you'll build stronger teams
and spot the stars among your staff.


As a result of using the Harrison Assessment, staffing decisions can be improved from what is often under a 50% success rate to well over 80%! You can quickly identify the most suitable and highly qualified candidates based on an instantaneous dashboard ranking of applicants; and predict candidates' job satisfaction, engagement and performance levels before they are hired.

Talent Development

We help match people to the specific roles in an organization that will utilize their talents and natural behaviors. We promote engagement and retention by identifying the key engagement issues that are the most important to employees. We provide the key analytics that uncover the key information necessary to engineer and build teams; and maximize each employee's contribution and capabilities.

Career & Succession Planning

Managing the talent pipeline is now more critical than ever. We provide assessment driven career roadmaps that predict employees' likelihood of success for targeted jobs within an organization, while giving decision-makers comprehensive data analytics to identify high-potential candidates at all levels, and interactive technology that supports their decision-making process.

HATS Benefits at a Glance

Quick & Easy Set-up: Includes more than 6,000 pre-configured Job Success formulas and the ability to customize profiles to meet your specific needs, making it easy to create comprehensive assessments that fit your specific requirements.

Comprehensive: Uses a full spectrum of behavioral assessments, including personality, interests, work environment preferences and task preferences.

Instantaneous: Uses a website administered assessment and a high-tech questionnaire that provides the equivalent of a full day of testing in only 30 minutes. Reports are available upon completion.

Accurate: Uses a technological lie detector so sensitive that even slight attempts to deceive it are automatically detected, located and flagged—with 99% accuracy.

Cost Effective: Discounts for volume usage, and no up-front costs. There are no charges for the applicant tracking features or for using the Job Success formulas. Completion of the questionnaire enables the creation of multiple reports and applications. HATS can be effectively applied without professional interpretation—so you have complete control.

Flexible: Offers a complete research database of success traits for different position types as well as complete customization to organizational values or specific job requirements.

Meets Legal Requirements: Meets all legal requirements of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

We can show you how to automatically screen for appropriate levels of eligibility and suitability, delivering you savings of up to 80% in administration costs, and give you the added benefit of being able to know with confidence that you are hiring the right talent for your organization.

Harrison Assessments can help you gain a level of insight into behavior and performance in 30 minutes that would normally take tens of hours of interviewing to detect! Using the automatic, pre-screening tool, you'll save time reading resumes, short-listing and interviewing—freeing you up to identify and hire the most suitable applicants quickly.

Energizing and rewarding the talent in your organization can have a big impact on your company's future. With Harrison Assessments your managers will have a powerful tool to help them identify what makes their high performers tick and how to best manage and develop them.

HATS is used by more than two million people in more than five thousand companies worldwide for staffing, development and high potential identification. Transformation Solutions is an agent in New York.

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