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Transformation Solutions helps companies unleash the full potential of their workforce

At Transformation Solutions, we work along side our clients to develop practical solutions that deliver real impact. Whether you want to build a disciplined approach to talent management; enhance leadership performance, engagement and change capability; evaluate whether your organizational structure is fit for purpose; or ensure HR systems alignment, Transformation Solutions has the proven systems and innovative tools to assist you. We apply an analytical and scientific approach to people issues that builds organizational agility.

Why Transformation Solutions?  We focus on results, ensuring that the work we do correlates directly to increased growth and profitability.

Here are the focus areas that have a major impact on organizational effectiveness, and what we can do to help transform them:

Talent Management

Are you looking for a roadmap to tightly connect your workforce to what the business needs to achieve?  Utilizing our proprietary Top-Spin process we will help you translate your strategic plan into people requirements, analyze your current capabilities, and provide you with a clear picture of your current organizational depth; as well as identify the enablers and derailers in executing your strategy. We will then help you develop a flexible game plan for strengthening and deploying talent to ensure the best long-term competitive advantage for your organization.

Do you want to improve employee effectiveness?  Role clarity is the secret sauce to success.  We will help you define performance expectations that ensure your people are accountable for the value they should deliver and give them the control they need to perform at their peak.

Transformation Solutions
Transformation Solutions

HR Systems Alignment

Do your HR processes positively impact business results?  The HR system — that bundle of HR policies and practices that constitutes your approach to the workforce — is a critical component of organizational effectiveness.  Each of the components of the HR system must work together to maximize performance and execute strategy.  We will help you clarify the executive team’s expectations for how talent should be managed, evaluate the performance of the seven core HR processes that facilitate effective talent management against these expectations, and help you implement improvements to alignment, effectiveness, and engagement.

Leadership Selection, Succession & Development

Ensuring quality leaders should be the #1 focus of all organizations.  The effectiveness of your leaders will determine whether or not your organization can grow and be agile enough to meet new challenges.  The 21st Century leadership paradigm requires thinking differently, acting differently, and reacting differently.  But many of today’s leaders still rely on the same outdated techniques from the industrial revolution!  We apply a scientific and data-based approach to leadership selection, succession and development that accurately determines whether a leader’s strong behavioral traits are genuine strengths or costly derailers.  We then help develop and implement a success plan for performance development/improvement.

Transformation Solutions
Transformation Solutions

Strategic Alignment

Do you have an agile organization?   Agility, or the ability to respond to the changing environment more quickly and effectively than your competitors, is critical.  Organizational design and the ability to navigate change are critical components of agility.  Organizational design is the formal organization (org chart) and the lateral structures and processes needed to get the work done.  Good organizational design enables effective business decisions to be made with a high degree of consistency.  We will work with you to identify the business problem you are trying to solve, identify the processes most critical to the business, evaluate decision-making rights, and identify changes that will increase performance.  We will also work with your leaders to effectively facilitate the change process.

What your colleagues are saying:

“Deb is able to take emerging HR techniques and approaches and figure out how they apply to any organization—she is able to make theories work in practice. She can quickly make an assessment of where an organization is and where they need to improve. Her work with us in developing our talent plan helped me think through how to redesign the roles in my organization in a way that strengthened our ability to support strategy. In order to do that, it challenged my thinking on job structures, outsourcing potential, buried intellectual property, scalability, leadership development, and performance management.”

— Paul Perrotto, Chief Financial Officer at Hillside Family of Agencies

“We brought Deb in because many of our HR processes weren’t working effectively. She quickly identified the few key areas of focus and developed an HR system that aligned with recruitment, performance management and compensation. Deb has vast experience and advanced HR skills, she also has developed progressive techniques. Deb is very flexible and she provides value to a company; regardless of the assignment. Her keen evaluation skills allow her to quickly determine holes or issues in an organization, and she can provide the tools and experience necessary to resolve them. She has strong interpersonal skills—she adjusts her style and listens closely to different levels of personnel and quickly wins the confidence of her audience and gets to the bottom of issues.”

— Amy Ryan, President at InfiMed

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