Administrative Assistant/Office Coordinator Sample Job Description

Provides appropriate clerical, communications and leadership support to individuals or department.

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An administrative assistant requires structuring someone else’s (typically an executive’s) day by coordinating their appointments, taking messages, and sending emails on their behalf.

Job Results, Essential Functions & Measures of Success

Records & Billing (55%)

Essential Functions
  1. Generates and processes reports, documentation, and other information as needed
  2. Responsible for auditing, retention and destruction of documents according to procedures
  3. Enters data into tracking system (e.g. MS Excel)
  4. Responsible for all aspects of the individual’s attendance and billing, and completes both according to established procedures
  5. Coordinates end of day attendance/service rendered
  6. Maintains training records for program staff
  7. Supports the program management with necessary reports as requested
Measures of Success Supervisor’s observation:
  • Assisted with keeping staff training records for program staff and assisted with scheduling staff for SCIP, First aid, CPR trainings and other trainings requested
  • All requests are processed in an accurate and timely manner. All related paperwork/documentation including receipts and ledgers are processed with accuracy and with well maintained records
  • Follows agency policy and procedure for auditing, retention and destruction of documents
  • Attendance and billing is accurate and complete according to the parameters of the established procedure
  • Had no more than 10 billing errors in a 12 month period and not to exceed 3 billing errors in a one month period
  • All data is accurately and completely entered into tracking systems within required timeframes
  • All reports, documentation and related information are completed accurately and within required timeframes

Supplies, Petty Cash, Credit Cards & Vehicle Keys (25%)

Essential Functions
  1. Responsible for program credit cards, receipts and ledgers
  2. Responsible for all aspects of managing petty cash and recreation money which includes, following all established procedures and timeframes
  3. Responsible for vehicle keys on a daily basis and reporting vehicle repairs needed
  4. Requisitions all office and consumable supplies and maintains an inventory
Measures of Success Supervisor's observation:
  • Monthly Petty cash audits reconcile and petty cash checks are cashed within 3 business days
  • All requests for supplies, use of a credit card, petty cash and all other requests are processed timely
  • Meets Finances deadlines for all supply orders
  • Vehicle keys, credit cards, and petty cash locked up each night
  • Safe remains locked at all times, and cash is secured at all times
  • Accurate inventory is maintained and the program is adequately supplied with all necessary office and consumable supplies
  • Reports any concerns with supplies, credit cards, vehicles or cash immediately

Visitors and Callers Dispositioned (15%)

Essential Functions
  1. Answers telephone calls promptly and courteously; screens calls, transfers caller to correct individual; takes complete and accurate messages when person called is unavailable and does not wish to use voice mail and distributes messages in a timely manner
  2. Greets visitors in a friendly and professional manner; determines their needs, asks them to sign-in, notifies the person(s) being visited
Measures of Success Supervisor's observation:
  • Staff, visitor and Individual concerns and questions are responded to in a way that is positively accepted by receiver
  • Sign-in log accurately reflects visitors

Back-up to Other Admin Assistants (5%)

Essential Functions
  1. Provides coverage for other Administrative Assistants as needed
Measures of Success Supervisor's observation:
  • Is willing to provide back-up coverage when needed

Position Qualifications

Minimum Education & Experience

Associates degree in business, secretarial science or related discipline; plus two years’ experience in a clerical position or the equivalent combination of experience and education deemed necessary to perform the core responsibilities of the role.

Computer Skills

  • Basic Microsoft Outlook skills as evidenced by creating and sending messages, working with address books, message handling, creating and using personal folders, scheduling appointments, working with meeting requests and managing tasks
  • Basic Microsoft Word skills as evidenced by the ability to produce basic business letters and simple tables and charts; as well as check spelling, set tabs, change page orientation, sort, save, open and organize electronic files
  • Basic Microsoft Excel skills as evidenced by the ability to use workbooks, create simple formulas, insert and delete data, create and edit charts, filter and sort lists, and format data

Other Skills/Knowledge/Experience

  • Ability to type 40+ wpm
  • TAbility to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, and represent [the agency] in a polished and professional manner
  • Must accurately and efficiently perform mathematical calculations
  • Demonstrated ability in computer skills relating to word processing programs, databases, spreadsheet programs, email and Internet
  • Demonstrated ability in prioritizing assignments and responsibilities. Demonstrates autonomy and creative process improvement ideas
  • Ability to utilize telecommunications technology (phone, email and Internet) in a professional and efficient manner
  • Displays commitment to agency success and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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