Business Development Manager/Director Sample Job Description

The business development manager oversees the development and growth of profitable new business and develops and maintains effective key relationships.

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Develops and implements strategy to create and grow a contract manufacturing and development services business, including the identification and pursuit of short and long-term market opportunities as well as the identification and coordination of operational capabilities and limitations.

Works with Department Directors to develop bids, project schedules and oversee project implementation. Cultivates key customer accounts to develop long-term strategic partnerships.P&L responsibility for success of business.

Job Results, Essential Functions & Measures of Success

Marketing Strategy for Contract Business (30%)

Essential Functions
  1. Launches business to market place
  2. Plans and manages all marketing communications activities and events
  3. Manages expense budget
  4. Works with agency to develop communications materials
  5. Develops and uses leads management system
  6. Manages agency relationship
Measures of Success Supervisor observes:
  • Participation in major events influential in developing business including INTERPHEX, ISPE, CPhI and AAPS
  • Manages budget to no more than +5% overage
  • Meets all project milestones and deadlines
  • Grows web traffic on Contract Services site
  • Fulfills leads in timely manner
  • Increases number of contract inquires

Profitable and Effective Contract Bids (25%)

Essential Functions
  1. Develops process and documentation for quote response
  2. Interface with customers and department heads to determine contract requirements, maintain good working relationships and identify and mitigate potential problems
  3. Coordinates feasibility studies for potential contracts
  4. Works with customer and department heads to determine metrics by which to manage the business
Measures of Success Supervisor observes:
  • Bids submitted meet company requirements for revenue
  • Implements contracts in accordance with company legal policies
  • Develops the technical competency to coordinate all bid submission

Satisfied Current and New Customers (25%)

Essential Functions
  1. Identifies and pursues long-term partnerships with key customers
  2. Resolves customer concerns and problems
  3. Keeps customers apprised of progress and problems
  4. Pursues personal development and technical training to improve the level of service provided to customers and internal departments
Measures of Success Supervisor observes:
  • Keeps Director of Product Development apprised of important activities and issues
  • Works cooperatively with customers and internal personnel to resolve conflicts
  • Pursues 100% customer satisfaction
  • Generates repeat business

Business Plan to Create & Grow Contract Business Using Existing Operational Infrastructure (20%)

Essential Functions
  1. Determines and pursues key market opportunities
  2. Identifies and responds to competitive threats
  3. Identifies and manages internal operational constraints
  4. Recommends long-term operational growth plan to support business
  5. Develops and implements market roll out plan
Measures of Success Supervisor observes:
  • Completion and submission of plan on time
  • Approval of plan by e-team
  • Builds relationships with key personnel in manufacturing, product development, pilot production and analytical groups
  • Creates and maintains clear communication channels with these groups
  • Meets Financial objectives agreed upon in business plan

Critical Success Factors

  • Establishes relationships with other groups, particularly directors and Managers in Analytical Development, Process Development, Manufacturing, Packaging, etc., and customers to ensure timely responses to contract inquiries, quick turn around on bids and smooth implementation of contract
  • Develops strategy and tactics to grow a business from scratch including sound business judgment, decisiveness, creative thinking, good organizational and communication skills, strong interpersonal skills and familiarity with pharmaceutical development and manufacturing requirements and processes
  • Provides a high degree of customer service through responsiveness and anticipation of customer needs in order to establish long-term partnerships and grow business. Desire to exceed customer expectations
  • Is proactive and finds innovative responses to overcome or manage operational/capacity constraints
  • Works independently and manages resources and multiple projects to ensure timely completion of projects and develop strong customer following
  • Keeps abreast of current industry developments, and use knowledge to plan and respond to changes in the contract industry
  • Develops brand identity and value proposition for the contract business that is consistently communicated to the marketplace and reinforced through customer experience

Scope of Authority & Accountability

  • Moderately complex judgments involving people (e.g. dealing with customers and various departments to communicate and coordinate contract expectations)
  • Moderately complex decisions involving operations (e.g. recommending and prioritizing projects, assessing capabilities to undertake contracts, anticipating and mitigating potential problems)
  • Moderately complex decisions involving fiscal resources in planning and implementing market roll out of Contract Services Business; signature authority to $15,000

Position Qualifications

Minimum Education & Experience

MS with MBA preferred, plus 10 years progressive commercial experience in life sciences or related technical field; OR MS with MBA preferred, plus 7 years’ experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing or product development; OR BS with a combined 15 years of pharmaceutical manufacturing and product development experience and commercial experience in the life sciences or related technical field.

Required Skills

  • Experience in successfully launching and repositioning products or services
  • Understanding of pharmaceutical drug development and manufacturing processes and requirements
  • Ability to understand and anticipate customer’s technical requirements
  • Knowledge of market communications tools and experience managing agency relationships
  • Previous project management experience required
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment
  • Strong persuasive ability
  • Customer focused
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Familiarity with cGMP’s and GLP’s

Computer Skills

  • Basic Microsoft Word for Windows (or comparable program) as evidenced by the ability to produce basic business letters, reports, simple tables and charts, as well as check spelling, set tabs, change page orientation, sort, save, open, and organize electronic files
  • Basic Microsoft Excel skills as evidenced by the ability to use workbooks, create simple formulas, insert and delete data, create and edit charts, filter and sort lists, and format data
  • Basic Microsoft Outlook skills as evidenced by ability to send and receive messages, work with address books, create and use personal folders, schedule appointments, work with meeting requests and manage tasks
  • Basic Microsoft Project

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