Controller Sample Job Description

Provides leadership and coordination of the Company’s financial reporting and budget management functions, while ensuring accounting procedures conform to generally accepted accounting principles.

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Provides leadership and coordination of the Company’s financial reporting and budget management functions, while ensuring accounting procedures conform to generally accepted accounting principles. Develops a comprehensive set of controls designed to mitigate financial risk and ensure accuracy of financial data. Manages general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and cost accounting functions to ensure the protection of company assets, management of the accounting and related systems, and reporting on the financial performance of the company. Drives to the “whys” behind the data, focuses on the analysis of the data. Provides management team with actionable analysis that helps improve the overall health of the Company.

Job Results, Essential Functions & Measures of Success

Department Structured to Maximize Results & Ready to Meet Future Business Needs

Essential Functions
  1. Talent in Key Roles: Analyzes the skills and capabilities of functional area, identifies future workforce requirements and identifies a means to close any gaps. Ensures processes are in place for unleashing the full potential of others by providing needed resources, coaching, experiences and other support to place the right people in key roles and continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge.
  2. Organizational Structure: Ensures the priorities and structure of the department align with the priorities of the broader organization. Develops an organizational structure that supports the retention and development of staff to deliver a high level of services, as well as offer career development for high performers/ high potentials.
  3. Employees Aligned to Vision, Direction and Goals: Aligns priorities with the direction and priorities of the broader organization. Diagnoses whether assigned functional areas are performing at full potential and ensures communication cascades down through the organization. Breaks down organizational silos, bridges communication gaps, and engages the employees they manage.
  4. Performance Management: Manages employee performance by clearly defining goals, job responsibilities and standards of performance; tracking progress against goals; providing clear, thorough, timely feedback; and addressing performance problems and issues promptly. Thoroughly and sensitively provides constructive criticism.
Measures of Success
  • 85% of newly hired or newly promoted non-exempt employees performing satisfactorily after 6 months; 85% exempt employees performing satisfactorily after 12 months
  • 85% retention of key people & high potentials
Supervisor’s observation that:
  • 100% employees have received clearly written, up-to-date, results-focused job descriptions with appropriate measures of success
  • Manager direct-reports demonstrate the ability to manage their assigned staff
Supervisor’s observation that manager is effective in:
  • Leveraging and promoting the utilization of technology to improve efficiency, effectiveness and communication
  • Developing and implementing a staffing model that effectively accomplishes goals
  • Identifying critical skill gaps and closing deficiencies
  • Setting goals that represent a stretch, align to company goals, and staff are held accountable for achievement
  • Communicating employee expectations and performance and where they need to improve

Financial Systems & Controls

Essential Functions
  1. Develops, implements and monitors policies and procedures for the general ledger, budget development, cash management, debt management, accounts receivable/payable, payroll and business office management, emphasizing solid internal controls and operational efficiencies.
  2. Maintains the general ledger and all related accounts with proper documentation and records of all company transactions. Reviews entries to the general ledger, subsidiary ledgers to assure accuracy and compliance with the company’s and established accounting principles; controls all changes to chart of accounts.
  3. Reviews Accounts Payable check-runs and invoices prior to signature.
  4. Coordinates with Human Resources to review and ensure payroll records are accurate and payroll checks are processed of payroll checks and reports by outside payroll service.
  5. Stays current with developments, practice trends and promulgations in the accounting profession; monitors accounting systems and recommends new or revised policies and procedures.
  6. Oversees the Company’s budget process, including working with managers to develop an accurate budget.
Measures of Success
  • No significant findings are received from external auditors or tax accountants
  • No material adjustments to records as the result of audits
Supervisor is satisfied that:
  • Appropriate controls are in place to ensure Finance systems meet appropriate financial standards
  • Clear, understandable policies and procedures exist
  • Staff understands and appropriately applies accounting policies and procedures
  • Financial application capability is leveraged to improve process effectiveness and efficiency
  • Are developed and approved within company timeline
  • Accurately reflect approved operating models
  • Meet minimum requirements on our cost structure
  • All cost impacts surrounding the budget have been identified and evaluated
  • Reports reflect budget vs. actuals and significant variances are identified

Forecasts, Reports & Analysis

Essential Functions
  1. Prepares communications of monthly, interim, year-end and comparative financial reports; performs and provides analysis of current results to prior periods and/or budget. Prepares required government reports as directed by the Vice President of Finance and responds to inquiries as necessary.
  2. Assists the Vice Present of Finance and Operations in coordination of quarterly audit and preparation of schedules and documents for independent auditors.
  3. Verifies accuracy of bank statements and resolves questions or problems; maintains integrity of cash balances and cash flow systems. Responsible for daily on-line banking that includes fund transfers, maximum investment; wire payments as necessary.
  4. Prepares financial communications for company meetings.
  5. On-going, timely analysis provides the Company with insight into trends
  6. Focus on analysis of the data to provide management team with actionable results that help the company improve its overall health.
  7. Provides analysis results on a monthly (or more frequent) basis in a clear, concise format which allows management to quick understand the message.
Measures of Success
  • Users of the statements can’t find any errors
  • Preparer is able to explain how any numbers were arrived at
  • Reporting meets all deadlines
  • Reports for corporate and company management are completed by set dates
Internal Customers say that for Analysis work:
  • All cost impacts surrounding the decision have been identified and evaluated
  • Reports/analyses logically state the issues and reach conclusions that are supported by the data and analyses
  • They can use the information
  • The analyst made meaningful contributions
  • The results are actionable and helped to improve the overall health of the company in measurable ways
  • Management is able to utilize monthly reports to quickly spot trends and understand the message of the financial information

Sustainable Operational Improvements

Essential Functions
  1. Identifies and implements ways to streamline and improve efficiency. Ensures processes are documented and standardized.
  2. Develops and manages budgeting and budget execution with a focus on product costs and margins.
  3. Identifies the impact of technology on business processes to ensure that it is used to maximum advantage in enabling process analysis, decision-making and reporting. Involves employees when implementing new technology and ensures they receive necessary training and follow-through.
  4. Analyzes management information and continuous quality improvement data collection to identify ways to streamline and/or obtain greater productivity. Considers impact of improvements on all management functions when developing plans and implementing changes
Measures of Success Supervisor's Observation:
  • Metrics exist for key functions, a baseline is established, and annual improvement is demonstrated
  • SAP functionality is fully utilized
  • Documentation of key business processes exists, is up-to-date, and is determined to be user-friendly

Critical Success Factors


Ability to establish relationships with and influence complex networks of others whose cooperation is needed for success of programs and actions and over whom he/she has not formal authority.  Ability to communicate and enforce financial policies and procedures in such a way that it moves people from compliance to commitment.

Analytical Thinking

Ability to clearly and quickly work through the complexity of key issues, problems and opportunities to affect actions.

Executes for Results

Good at figuring out the processes necessary to get things done; knows how to organize people and activities; separates and combines tasks into efficient work flow; knows what to measure and how to measure it. Doesn’t let the details fall through the cracks.  Can see opportunities for synergy and integration; can simplify complex processes; gets more out of fewer resources.

Position Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance with CPA or related certification and at least ten years of financial analysis experience including at least five years of financial management experience and/or an equivalent combination of education and experience (MBA a plus). Working knowledge of SAP is a must.

Certificates, Licenses:

  • CPA or related certification.

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