Customer Service Representative Sample Job Description

Customer service specialists are in charge of achieving the consumer welfare goals of companies and corporations.

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You will play a crucial role in ensuring that our customer base receives the highest level of customer service by responding to customer inquiries, championing the root cause and correction of customer concerns, and pro-actively adding value to the customer relationship. You will work closely with all internal teams to communicate and support customer expectations and requirements.

Job Results, Essential Functions & Measures of Success

Trusted Partner To Customers

Essential Functions
  1. Serves as the main point of contact for our customers acting as a liaison between external and internal customers.
  2. Develops and provides custom customer/product reports that add value to the partnership.
  3. Actively sources definitive promotional and scheduling information from customers to provide information to production/scheduling to support forecasting initiatives and the maintenance of appropriate inventory levels as required.
  4. Supports Customer Focus by effectively resolving emergency situations regarding customer orders due to insufficient inventory, system errors, delays in production, and warehouse or carrier issues. Negotiates schedule changes with customers as required.
  5. Possesses extensive knowledge of products and their applications and recognizes opportunities to better serve our customers.
Measures of Success Supervisor's observation that incumbent:
  • Receives consistently positive customer feedback
  • Customers/Sales Reps are not by-passing incumbent due to lack of confidence
  • Demonstrates adequate levels of product knowledge
  • Gets the right people involved in a timely basis to ensure issues regarding customer orders are resolved as required
  • Provides timely and accurate information to S&OP teams for respective accounts
  • Instances of shortages reduced due to inaccurate forecasting or promotional information
  • Customer Scorecards and Feedback reflect high customer satisfaction with the company

Customers Satisfied with Order Through Invoicing Process

Essential Functions
  1. Receives, validates, processes and executes incoming customer orders and order changes for all business segments through various vehicles including EDI, e-mail, fax and phone.
  2. Informs customers of holiday and plant closings and works with customer to arrange production and ship dates to coincide with warehouse operations.
  3. Processes debit memos, credits and returns as needed.
Measures of Success Supervisor's observation that:
  • All steps and procedures are done in accordance with Company procedures
  • Work is done accurately and on a timely basis
  • Debits, credits, and returns are accurate and communicated to Finance, and the customer where suitable
  • Exceptions to regular order process are documented in the notes section of SAP

Process Improvements

Essential Functions
  1. Records customer complaints for assigned customer accounts and submits trending information. Works with appropriate departments to implement actions that will eliminate or reduce the issue.
  2. Identifies and implements ways to streamline and improve efficiencies.
  3. Ensures processes are documented and standardized.
  4. Provides quarterly customer reports/presentations to Sales and Customer Service in regards to customer intelligence, promotions, complaints, trends etc.
Measures of Success Receivers of information say that:
  • Reports/analyses logically state the issues around complaint trends and reach conclusions that are actionable
  • They cannot find any errors
  • Information is received in time to be actionable
  • Completed complaints are closed out in the database
  • Responses to customers are within required timeframe
Develops a minimum of one new improvement per year. Supervisor’s observation that:
  • The improvement provides information in a more efficient, accurate and useful manner than previously
  • The value of the improvement exceeds the cost of implementation
  • Documentation is complete and organized per company standards

Critical Success Factors


Adapts style and content of communication of ideas and information to match the audience and the instance. Ensures that critical information related to key business issues gets to internal/external customers in a timely fashion and is clear, concise, and accurate.  Professionally communicates with customers through both written and verbal methods.

Problem Solving

Identifies the true problem vs. the presenting problem. Integrates information from a variety of sources and detects trends, associations, and cause-effect relationships to determine effective solutions.


Works effectively in a team-based organization, collaborate cross functionally to ensure we meet our customers’ expectations. Works cooperatively with others and contributes to the group with ideas, suggestions and effort.

Attention to Detail

Is thorough and precise in order entry, order changes, invoicing, and communication of this information.

Position Qualifications

Education & Experience
Associates degree or equivalent and three years of Customer Service experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Related BA/BS degree beneficial.

Computer Skills
• Basic Outlook skills as evidenced by creating and sending messages, working with address books, message handling, creating and using personal folders, scheduling appointments, working with meeting requests and managing tasks.
• Intermediate Microsoft Word skills as evidenced by the ability to produce basic business letters and simple tables and charts; as well as check spelling, set tabs, change page orientation, sort, save, open and organize electronic files. Ability to apply page setup functions (margins, page numbers, footers, headers), and use search and replace.
• Intermediate Excel skills as evidenced by the ability to use workbooks, create simple formulas, insert and delete data, create and edit graphs & charts, filter and sort lists, format data, link data, change page orientation, add headers and footers, insert rows, enter, sort, & subtotal data.

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