Director Facilities Sample Job Description

A facilities director is a job role that is responsible for making sure that buildings and their services meet the needs of the people that work in them.

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The Director manages and provides leadership in all aspects of the physical plant including capital planning and construction, owned and leased facilities, grounds, and utilities in accordance with the Agency’s strategic plan. Ensures that all facilities are maintained in accordance with all Federal, State, local and safety requirements. Manages the useful life and maintenance of all furniture, fixtures and equipment, and supports development initiatives by coordinating capital and maintenance projects as needed. The Director of Facilities will be responsible for the development and administration of capital and operating budgets in accordance with Agency policies and OPWDD regulations.

Job Results, Essential Functions & Measures of Success

Short and Long-Term Facilities Plans

Essential Functions
  1. Performs long-range and short-term planning for the Agency’s space needs; conducts needs assessments to determine area requirements; determines feasibility of leasing or buying space and makes recommendations to the Board.
  2. Evaluates current space against program requirements; conducts risk assessments for both facilities maintenance and security; and recommends actions.
  3. Ensures detailed drawings and specifications are prepared for building alterations, new buildings, and miscellaneous construction projects for bidding and construction purposes
  4. Manages the planning and administration of Preservation funds by identifying the needs of Agency buildings and developing a 1-3 year plan.
  5. Develops proposals to initiate work and capital projects, coordinates and reviews contract documents, and ensures contractor compliance with Agency standards and contract documents.
Measures of Success
  • Senior leadership’s agreement that established strategies are likely to achieve the mission and are consistent with corporate, fiscal and human constraints
  • % achievement of business plans on time and on budget
Space recommendations contain:
  • Logical, well-constructed business case for the recommendation.
  • Cost estimates
  • Identified program impact
  • Estimated time to complete
  • Estimated start and completion dates

Budgets that Support Agency Objectives

Essential Functions
  1. Works with Agency senior leadership and program leaders to identify and recommend an annual budget for facilities items, as well as develops the budget for the Facilities department.
  2. Develops and recommends capital improvement budget requests regarding buildings and grounds; evaluates related capital improvement requests made by others.
  3. Develops, manages and prioritizes facilities operations budget, including labor costs, supply costs, inventories, budget forecasting, and maintenance contracts.
  4. Implements company financial strategies by anticipating requirements, trends, and variances; developing budgets and capital expenditure plans; developing action plans; measuring and analyzing results; initiating corrective actions; and minimizing the impact of variances.
Measures of Success
  • Capital, facilities, manpower and operating budgets are approved by senior management
  • Customer satisfaction with guidance, advice and interaction regarding budgeting
  • Demonstration of the ability to establish a cost-benefit case prior to committing significant financial resources
  • Budget variances are known to senior leadership in advance and considered within acceptable limits

Legal & Regulatory Standards Met

Essential Functions
  1. Maintains a comprehensive understanding of program funders and other regulatory agency requirements for facilities, conducts audits to proactively identify and rectify issues; and responds to corrective action requests.
  2. Meets with designated representatives of regulatory agencies. Including: Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), and CPA Firm as required.
  3. Assures compliance with building codes, safety and environmental health requirements; works with appropriate Agency departments to resolve safety, environmental, and facility-related workers' compensation issues
Measures of Success
  • No critical violations.
  • Corrective action plans are effective in resolving issues, and implemented within required timeframe

Properaties Effectively Minimize Barriers to Program Delivery

Essential Functions
  1. Conducts facility evaluations to determine the need for major repair and replacement. Ensures Facilities and external vendors properly maintain and correct issues in a timely manner.
  2. Plans and directs comprehensive programs for the repair and maintenance, capital expenditures and improvement of all agency facilities.
  3. Coordinates the bidding, renewal and evaluation of facilities contracts and special projects. Negotiates with vendors as necessary.
  4. Coordinates with Sr. Administrators and Agency leadership to ensure effective communication, execute projects and verify timelines are completed according to schedule. Mitigates any risks, and identifies and resolves issues as necessary. Ensures departments involved in projects are well informed of any project changes.
  5. Manages cleaning contractual services by negotiating contracts that are appropriate and cost effective; overseeing and evaluating the effectiveness of service delivery; and managing corrective actions when necessary.
  6. Works directly with landlords for leased space to ensure contractual obligations of the Agency and the landlord are delivered.
Measures of Success Supervisor’s observation that Director:
  • Demonstrates up-to-date knowledge of each building’s status and both its short and long term needs.
  • Understands each building’s purpose (e.g. characteristics of clients served and types of programs offered.)
  • Properties are maintained in accordance with Agency and regulatory standards
  • Contractual relationships are cost-effective, meet customer standards, and are managed effectively
COO is satisfied that:
  • All leased space contracts are appropriate for services
  • All contract terms are complied with

Structure & Talent that Effectively & Efficiently Executes Strategic & Operational Priorities

Essential Functions
  1. Creates and maintains a positive, inclusive culture based upon respect that builds a diverse staff, builds organizational pride, and ensures high performance.
  2. Analyzes the corporate strategic plan and goals and ensures the priorities and structure of the department align with the priorities of the broader organization.
  3. Ensures a structure that supports the retention and development of staff to deliver a high level of support services, as well as career development for high performers/potentials.
  4. Delegates authority and accountability to staff for appropriate responsibilities and decisions that are consistent with the scope of their capabilities (where applicable), rules and regulations of regulatory authorities, and policies of the organization.
  5. Manages employee performance by establishing clear goals and expectations, tracking progress against the goals, ensuring timely feedback and addressing performance problems and issues promptly.
  6. Implements company people strategies by determining accountabilities; communicating and enforcing values, policies, and procedures; implementing recruitment, selection, orientation, training, coaching, counseling, disciplinary, and communication programs; planning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job contributions.
  7. Manager direct-reports demonstrate the ability to effectively manage their assigned staff.
Measures of Success COO agrees that Director is effective in:
  • Developing and implementing a staffing model that effectively accomplishes goals
  • Building a high-performing team
  • Selecting and orienting high quality staff
  • Setting goals and holding staff accountable for performance
  • Communicating expectations and performance
  • 100% of employees with performance deficiencies are on performance improvement plans and removed on a timely basis if unable to improve
  • Assessment data shows that identified competency gaps are being closed
  • Base pay and merit increases are differentiated based on sustained performance
  • 100% of newly hired or newly promoted employees fully effective after 6 months
  • Back-up Talent Ratio: # employees’ qualified for more than one job.
  • 100% of highly performing employees have annual development goals, and xx% goals achieved.
  • 100% of employees have results-focused job descriptions with corresponding measures of success.

Position Qualifications

Minimum Education & Experience
Bachelor’s Degree in Facilities Planning, Engineering or related field. A minimum of eight (8) years progressive facilities management and planning experience, property management or related area in a multi-building company, educational institution, hospital or other facility where regulatory/funder standards for programs were in effect. Experience with construction management through outside contractors; five years management experience. An equivalent combination of education and experience may also be considered.

Other Skills/Knowledge/Experience

• Demonstrated ability in preparing and analyzing budgets and fiscal reports.
• Proficiency in planning, gathering, analyzing and presenting financial and management information to senior management.
• Knowledge of OSHA regulations and knowledge of local, state and Federal building codes.
• Excellent project planning and management skills. Proven experience supervising large projects and overseeing projects from conception to completion. Experience with budget-based project management.
• Demonstrated leadership and mentoring skills in a diverse environment.
• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, for interface with individuals of differing knowledge levels (i.e. Company management, outside building owners, city government officials, vendors, contractors, etc.). Must have strong negotiation skills and presentation skills.
• Ability to write bid specifications, manage contractors and contract services; and ability to read blueprints, schematics, and construction specifications.
• Ability to build effective and productive relationships with program managers, appropriate administrators and staff at all levels regarding compliance with The Arc of Monroe County policies & procedures, building codes/permits, Agency approval processes, architectural reviews, state & federal guidelines, legal requirements and other administrative functions.
• Ability to challenge established methods and recommend improvements to increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations and systems while ensuring organizational culture, processes and legal requirements are not compromised.
• Ability to translate strategic direction into tactical planning with time, action, and proposed outcomes.

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