HR Generalist Sample Job Description

Supports operating units by implementing human resources programs; solving performance problems.

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Directs implementation of human resources policies, programs, and procedures. Advises management and employees on issues or problems relating to human resources policies/practices. Initiates and conducts timely investigations, prepares documentation, makes recommendations for corrective/disciplinary actions, and counsels managers in appropriate response.

Establishes and maintains an effective, efficient, and coordinated recruitment and selection program that enables the identification of a sufficient applicant pool, collects information from applicants to identify fit against job specifications, and uses this data to identify the best applicants for employment. Coaches hiring manager on selection strategy and behavioral interviewing. Conducts reference/background checks, negotiates all offers including starting base and variable pay, relocation and bonuses as appropriate; communicates to candidates not selected; maintains other data such as EEO information or as required by organizational or regulatory needs.

Job Results, Essential Functions & Measures of Success

Employment Law Interpretation & Advice

Essential Functions
  1. Provides assistance to managers in conducting appropriate disciplinary interventions and terminations.
  2. Intervenes in sensitive areas that cannot be handled as effectively and without legal risk by line management (e.g. harassment cases, management abuse, human rights situations, illegal acts by employees.)
  3. Serves as a resource for employees when their needs cannot be met through their managers by representing employee opinions on policy issues, facilitating resolution of conflict between an employee and his/her manager, or providing advice/counsel to individual employees.
Measures of Success
  • Director HR is satisfied with the number of complaints from employees for inconsistent application of policies.
  • Company policy interpretations are provided by agreed-upon deadlines.
  • Inside/Outside legal agrees with the interpretation and advice.
Guidance and advice to resolve conflicts -- Parties involved say:
  • The solution resolved the problem.
  • The advice is consistent with company policies.
  • Their viewpoints were understood and addressed.
  • They understand the philosophy behind the solution.
Sounding board to help solve problems on their own:
  • Employees say that useful advice is provided when needed, and their concerns have been listened to

Qualified, Effective Hires

Essential Functions
  1. Finds or constructs appropriate assessment tools for collecting information from applicants relative to position specifications to ensure a proper “job fit” (e.g., written ability tests, work samples and simulations, selection interviews, reference checks, assessment centers, etc). Ensures validity and reliability.
  2. Ensures a professionally administered selection process which includes effective prescreening, a carefully planned interview schedule; educated interviewers; and notification to candidates when a selection decision has been reached.
  3. Assists with temporary staffing needs by working with managers to ensure that requisitions are processed in a timely manner, individuals are presented to match qualifications, and removal of temporaries who are not performing.
  4. Handles VISA and other immigration needs of legal aliens.
  5. Functions as company representative in coordinating new hire relocation by interfacing with our vendor to ensure an effective transition to the new environment.
Measures of Success Analysis of source effectiveness identifies:
  • The top 3 most effective sources for our key roles.
  • The top 5 most effective sources for all other exempt roles.
  • The top 3 most effective sources for all non-exempt roles.
  • Appropriate representation of diverse candidates in the applicant pool.
Internal individuals involved in the recruitment process state:
  • They understand the process and their role in the process.
  • They have the necessary tools and resources to accomplish their component.
Candidate satisfaction with communication tools:
  • Understanding of our benefits package.
  • Satisfaction with the information provided on our company.
  • Satisfied that the information provided addressed their level of sophistication.

Oriented Employees

Essential Functions
  1. Organizes and conducts New Employee Orientation sessions and processes designed to decrease the time for a new hire to become effective.
  2. Works with hiring manager to ensure that the manager recognizes his/her role in effective orientation and is ready for the new hire’s first days.
Measures of Success Evaluation of Effectiveness:
  • Measures exist (y-N).
  • Participants report >85% satisfaction.
  • Decrease in the time for new hires to become effective.
  • 100% of all new hires will complete the orientation module(s) within prescribed timeframes.

Critical Success Factors


Establishes relationships with and influences complex networks of others whose cooperation is needed for success, and over whom he/she has no direct authority.  Evokes trust from others by keeping commitments, setting a personal example, and building shared goals.   Ability to attract talent to ensure that people with the right skills and motivations to meet business needs are in the right place at the right time.

Organization & Planning

Ability to anticipate and prioritize multiple priorities from multiple sources, and to switch direction quickly.  Balances the need to fill open positions quickly with following a process designed to ensure the most effective individual is hired.  Stays abreast of market trends to sufficiently predict recruitment cycle time and candidate quality.

Results Orientation

Demonstrates a consistent and persistent focus upon setting challenging objectives, doing things better, improving the quality of results, and achieving significant business impact.

Position Qualifications

Minimum Education & Experience:

Bachelors' degree in business or HR related field is required; plus five (5) years progressive, exempt-level human resources experience focused primarily on staffing.



  • Must have established contacts with recruiters, proven fee negotiation skills, and demonstrated skills/abilities in Internet recruiting, managing a budget and college recruitment achievements, including relationship management and program development.
  • Knowledge or previous use of a resume database system, demonstrated analytical skills and the ability to think outside the box are essential.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the application of employment law to recruitment and selection.

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