LPN Sample Job Description

LPNs provide basic care to patients like helping them bathe, eat, dress, and walk.

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Provides Nursing services to individuals  in compliance with agency policies and regulatory guidelines. Administers medications as per physician orders; assists in the supervision of Day Services staff in delivering healthcare to individuals; completes documentation in an accurate and timely manner; performs and assists with direct individual care as needed.

Job Results & Essential Functions

Medical Care Provided

Essential Functions
  1. Working under the direction of the RN, supervises and monitors Day Services staff in giving healthcare to individuals which complies with health standards and regulations.
  2. Informs staff of medical needs, restrictions, limitations and medications as they relate to individual functioning; and provides any staff training related to restrictions.
  3. Evaluates health status of individuals in medical emergencies and ensures that appropriate treatment is received.
  4. As requested by RN, acts as contact between families, community residences, physicians’ offices, and day/work programs. This includes notifying families and residences when health related problems are discovered, facilitating needed services and documentation of health related information.

Nursing Standards Met

Essential Functions
  1. Shares responsibility for oversight and implementation of regulatory recertification, QA and program reviews in conjunction with Registered Nurse.
  2. Shares responsibility for and ensures that nursing processes are in compliance and utilized appropriately by staff in conjunction with Registered Nurse.
  3. Maintains strict individual confidentiality.
  4. Ensures cultural competence in all aspects of program.

Medications Administered

Essential Functions
  1. Administers medications, ensures that medications are ordered and maintained per regulations and policy.


Essential Functions
  1. Working with other team members, completes all documentation requirements, including but not limited to: Nursing notes, weekly outcome summary, and compilation of such data summaries and contact notes.
  2. Monitors medical recordkeeping and storage of medications.
  3. Maintains confidentiality of records relating to participants.

Position Qualifications

Minimum Education & Experience
LPN. One year of experience working with the developmentally disabled preferred.

• Licensed by the NYS Department of Education as LPN.
• Must have access to timely and reliable transportation to transport self to multiple sites.

Computer Skills
• Basic Computer Literacy as evidenced by the ability to go online and conduct basic searches on the Internet, check his/her email account, create and send e-mail with an attachment and use simple email features. Can open spreadsheets and word processing documents to read and make simple edits.

Other Skills/Knowledge/Experience
• Excellent communication skills including both verbal and written communications for training and support purposes.
• Strong organizational and prioritization skills.
• Strong problem solving ability and attention to detail
• Demonstrates a commitment to the organization, individuals, staff, and families.

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