Recruiter / Talent Acquisition Manager Sample Job Description

A recruiter is responsible for delivering all facets of recruiting success throughout the organization. This will be achieved through the development of local and national recruiting plans, employing traditional sourcing strategies and resources as well as developing new, creative recruiting ideas. The recruiter plays a critical role in ensuring we are hiring the best possible talent.

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Responsible for sourcing, interviewing and presenting excellent pre-qualified candidates for all positions.

Employs a variety of creative sourcing strategies to identify a high quality, diverse candidate pool in an efficient, cost effective manner. Evaluates candidates through skills testing, phone screens and interviews. Conducts reference/background checks, negotiates all offers including starting base and variable pay, relocation and bonuses as appropriate, sends rejection letters to candidates not selected. Maintains other data such as EEO information, as required by organizational or regulatory needs.

Closely partners with the hiring manager in order to understand the manager’s business function and corporate goals. Routinely meets with manager to benchmark process, adjust strategy, set expectations and drive the hire/no hire decision. Coaches hiring manager on selection strategy and behavioral interviewing. Complies with all regulatory/legal requirements and company policies.

Job Results, Essential Functions & Measures of Success

Qualified, Effective Hires (40%)

Essential Functions
  1. Finds or constructs appropriate assessment tools for collecting information from applicants relative to position specifications to ensure a proper “job fit” (e.g., written ability tests, work samples and simulations, selection interviews, reference checks, assessment centers, etc). Ensures validity and reliability
  2. Conducts employment interviews that focus on behaviors and results necessary for successful job performance. Adequately sells the organization to the prospective employee, as well as the possible downsides to employment (realistic job previews); maintains interview notes for each candidate
  3. Handles VISA and other immigration needs of legal aliens
Measures of Success Quality of Candidate Pool:
  • # of qualified applicants per hire for key roles
  • Average number of qualified candidates per recruiting source = 3
  • Mamagement interview-to-offer ratio ≤ 1:3
  • Offer-to-acceptance ratio ≤ 1:2
  • 75% jobs filled that had valid, reliable selection testing as part of the recruitment strategy
Success rate of new hires:
  • No more than .5% of all turnover is due to a mismatch with position
Time to fill:
  • ≥ 90% Pivotal Roles filled within 45 days
  • ≥ 90% non-Pivotal Roles filled within 30 days
For alien hires, completes immigration process within required timeframes

Managers Who Make Effective Selection Decisions (25%)

Essential Functions
  1. Provides a logical planning system to managers to identify staffing requirements, and develop recruitment strategies to ensure the best candidates are hired
  2. Ensures managers have developed Results-Focused Job Descriptions for every job prior to beginning recruitment
  3. Ensures all candidate information is available to the hiring manager prior to making a selection decision (e.g. testing results, references, etc.)
  4. Provides educational opportunities, either formal or informal, as needed to managers on the selection process
Measures of Success Supervisor observes:
  • Management’s demonstration of capability in selection
  • No more than 1% of all turnover is due to a mismatch with position
  • Quality of Results-Focused Job Descriptions
Managers involved in the recruitment process state:
  • They understand the process and their role in the process
  • They have the necessary tools and resources to make effective hires
  • They feel confident that they made the best hire possible

Compelling Employment Brand (20%)

Essential Functions
  1. Ensures the development and communication of a strong employment brand that attracts the “candidate of choice”
Measures of Success Candidates' satisfaction with communication tools:
  • Satisfaction with the information provided on our company
  • Understanding of our benefits package
  • Satisfaction that the information provided addressed their level of sophistication

Proactive Recruitment Process (15%)

Essential Functions
  1. Develops and maintains strong relationships with recruitment sources (e.g. (1) private employment agencies; (2) professional societies; (3) federal and state employment agencies; (4) colleges and universities; (5) other entities that are sources for high quality talent
  2. Determines most effective mechanism (both in cost and quality) to attract qualified applicants for each position.  Drafts recruitment advertising when appropriate and ensures placement.  Monitors against cost, effectiveness and the ability to attract a diversified pool of candidates
  3. Ensures a professionally administered staffing process which includes appropriate responses to applications and inquiries; a carefully planned interview schedule; educated interviewers; and notification to candidates when a selection decision has been reached
Measures of Success Analysis of source effectiveness identifies:
  • Top 3 most effective sources for our key roles
  • Top 5 most effective sources for all other exempt roles
  • Top 3 most effective sources for all non-exempt roles
  • Appropriate representation of diverse candidates in the applicant pool
# relationships with candidates waiting to be considered for open positions # high potential candidates presented to leadership when no openings exist/balanced against speed and quality of filling current vacancies

Critical Success Factors

Results Oriented

  • Drives the selection effort through upholding high standards, and ensuring hiring managers “recruit for life”
  • Balances the need to fill open positions quickly with following a process designed to ensure the most effective individual is hired
  • Stays abreast of market trends to sufficiently predict recruitment cycle time and candidate quality

Change Driver

  • Ability to establish relationships with and influence complex networks of others whose cooperation is needed for success programs and actions, and over whom he or she has no formal authority
  • Ability to assert dissenting viewpoints and positively influence change

Brand Builder

  • Ability to develop employment brand identity and value proposition for the business that is consistently communicated to the marketplace and attracts candidates that match the company’s cultural expectations

Talent Advocate

  • Ability to partner with the hiring manager to drive identification of high-performance staffing needs to determine a recruiting strategy and execute a hiring plan
  • Ability to relentlessly identify and secure high-potential talent

Scope of Authority & Accountability

People Does not have any direct reports Operations Moderately complex decisions involving staffing operations and objectives (e.g., evaluating effectiveness of recruitment and selection mechanisms) Money or Capital Moderately complex decisions involving the use of fiscal resources in selection (e.g., agency agreements, selection testing, advertising, etc.)

Position Qualifications

Minimum Education & Experience

  • Bachelors’ degree in business or HR related field
  • PHR preferred
  • Four to six (4-6) years directly related experience supporting hiring managers and generating candidates in a high tech company

Other Skills/Knowledge/Experience

  • Must have established contacts with recruiters appropriate for our industry, proven fee negotiation skills
  • Understanding and skill in use of broad range of recruitment tools and services including Web-based services; contingent and retained search consultants
  • Knowledge of legal compliance regulations as they relate to hiring; basic understanding of EEO, ADA, Title VII
  • Ability to select/design valid and reliable applicant testing
  • Strong networking abilities
  • Must have strong multi-tasking skills
  • Excellent negotiation and persuasion skills
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proficient with PC's and related applications, including spreadsheet, word processing, database, and experience desired.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in teams; collaboration skills, ability to share responsibility for results, provide and accept feedback, request and provide support and represent team plans and decisions

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