Social Worker Sample Job Description

A Social worker helps to improve the lives of people who are in need of support and help. Social worker can work for adult or children in need of help or support.

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Responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders of the individuals enrolled in or referred to Article 16 clinic.

Job Results, Essential Functions & Measures of Success

Improved/Maintained Individual Functional Status

Essential Functions
  1. Evaluates individual to determine the need for mental health services, including but not limited to, evaluation and therapy.
  2. Establishes short- and long-term objectives for each individual based on best practice and medical need.
  3. Coordinates mental health service objectives with collaterals, including but not limited to, Residential Staff, family and others.
  4. Provides individual and/or group therapy primarily at the clinic to individuals exhibiting mental health concerns, upon receipt of a referral.
  5. Counsels and works with individuals and families in developing home programs to meet individuals’ needs.
  6. Participates on committees, attends conferences and receives additional training at the request of the supervisor or the administration of the agency.
  7. Provides training to staff on mental health issues and within the scope of clinic practice, including but not limited to diagnosing, behavior tracking, communication strategies, therapeutic interventions, boundary setting and problem solving.
  8. Identifies Emergency medical needs and makes appropriate referrals.
Measures of Success
  • Individual satisfaction surveys
  • Record review, oversight reviews, absence of deficiencies
  • Consistent billable units of service achieved according to performance agreement requirements
Supervisor's observation:
  • Of employee’s demonstration of ability to work successfully as a team member
  • That SW is delivering therapy in a manner that is in the best interest of the patient (e.g. works with individuals outside of traditional office setting when deemed appropriate to obtain results)
  • Social Worker maintains positive communication with individual’s family members/guardians, staff members, and other treating clinicians
  • Social Worker maintains positive communication with clinic’s interdisciplinary team to ensure consistent appropriate quality services are available and provided to individuals
  • Social Worker achieves program or department billable service goals and economical utilization of time management as required


Essential Functions
  1. Completes, submits and maintains accurate documentation and records in accordance with the standards of regulatory agencies and organization.
Measures of Success
  • Periodic audits reflect accurate, complete, and up-to-date documentation
  • Zero instances of breach of individual confidentiality
Supervisor's observation:
  • # corrections required are minimal
  • Documentation contains enough detail to adequately reflect situation

Improvements to Work Processes

Essential Functions
  1. Participates in program planning, development, research, and evaluation under the direction of the department supervisor.
  2. Provides written and/or verbal feedback and/or suggestions to appropriate supervisory staff regarding individual, staff, or facility related concerns.
Measures of Success Supervisor's observation:
  • That suggestions are made that add value
  • Information was provided in time to be actionable
  • Social Worker demonstrates ability to adapt to new and better ways of doing things

Position Qualifications

Minimum Education & Experience

Masters degree and licensure LMSW or LCSW (preferred) in Social Work; plus at least one year of clinical experience in a human services setting serving people with developmental disabilities.


  • Current NYS license; LMSW or LCSW (preferred)
  • Must have access to timely and reliable transportation to transport self to multiple sites.

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