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The second interview is often the final step before extending a job offer. It’s in this interview that employers dig more deeply into the applicant’s background and see if he/she is a good fit with their culture.

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To ensure success, you should develop and use an interview guide. An interview guide is essentially a plan for how you will conduct the interview. The guide will ensure that interviewers ask a common set of questions to all candidates for the same job. The questions should all be directly related to assessing whether the candidate can meet the job’s performance requirements. In addition, it’s critical to identify the key job barriers and ask questions that will help you understand the candidate’s ability to deal with them.

Using this strategy, you would avoid a question like, “Give me an example of a time you dealt with a difficult customer. What did you do?” Since the question does not clearly define the situation, the candidate may not be able to give you a response that fully addresses the key job barriers. So instead you may want to ask, “Give me an example in which you dealt with a difficult customer who had a valid complaint against your organization.” The greater the specificity of the question the more likely the candidate will select an appropriate example to describe.

3 Sample Second-Interview Questions



  1. Based on what you have learned about the company and the role, tell me how you feel you’d make a contribution.
  2. All people have areas where they can improve, when I contact your last supervisor and ask which area of your work needs the most improvement, what will I learn?
  3. Of all the things you’ve accomplished in your career, what stands out as most significant?


  • If the candidate has done his/her homework, they will love this opportunity to stand how and demonstrate what they know and how they can apply it to the organization. Those who haven’t will stumble and put together a generic response.
  • By stating factually that you do plan to contact their last supervisor, candidates will provide an honest response.
  • Make sure you clearly understand what their actual role in the project was, how they obtained results, what the obstacles were that needed to be overcome, and what they learned as a result.

Learn the 11 ESSENTIAL 2nd Interview Questions

2nd Interview Questions

2nd Interview Questions

The initial interview is done; now it’s time to drill down into the applicant’s background to determine if he/she is the right candidate for the job. Don’t head into that interview wondering what else you can ask. This critical guide from Transformation Solutions gives you the top 11 questions you should be asking your candidate—and it explains how and why the answers are important.

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